Surf Coast Shire passes motion questioning the future of the Anglesea power station and coal mine

Surf Coast Shire 22nd April 2014-04-24

That Council write to the State Premier, the Minister for Energy & Resources, and the Member for Polwarth:

1. Seeking a full review of land use and power generation options for the Anglesea area in consultation with the community; and publishing of full details of that review and its outcomes.

2. Requesting that any licence is only interim until this review is completed.


Cr. Rod Nockles called for a division of Council.

Councillors voting for the motion: Cr. Rose Hodge, Cr. Heather Wellington, Cr. Eve Fisher, Cr. David Bell, Cr. Brian McKiterick, Cr. Clive Goldsworthy, Cr. Libby Coker, Cr. Margot Smith

Councillors voting against the motion: Cr. Rod Nockles


The Anglesea Power Station has been operated by Alcoa for nearly 50 years to support the energy intensive Point Henry aluminium smelter. The Anglesea Power Station provides 40% of the energy required to support the Point Henry operation. The license to produce electricity at the Anglesea Power Station expires at the end of July this year and Alcoa applied in November 2013 for a license to produce electricity for the Victorian Grid. The lease to mine coal from the Anglesea Heath was extended in 2011.

Since the application for the generators license was made, Alcoa has announced the intention to close the Point Henry operation. If the electricity generation license currently under consideration is granted there will be an increase the capacity of the Victorian Grid, which may or may not be required.

The rationale for the existence of the Power Station has changed significantly, and the impacts of coal fire power production on the community are better understood now than they were 50 years ago. The emissions from coal fire power production are known to be damaging to the health of certain groups of people, and to the environment and our climate.

The adjacent coal mine is required to support the power station and is a potential bush fire hazard in one of the highest rated bush fire risk areas in Victoria.

It is appropriate now to consider the alternative options for employment and energy production in the Anglesea area before deciding on the granting of this license.

I commend this Notice of Motion to Council.

Cr. Margot Smith


Date: 14 April 2014


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  1. Thank you councillors for your hard work and commitment to seeking a review on the important issue of land use and power generation options in Anglesea.

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