‘Let’s get a coalmine shut down!’

The rally on Sunday 10 August is getting state-wide attention. Quotes from social media:

“Anyone for a daytrip to Anglesea? Join the family friendly rally at 11am on Sunday held by the amazing Surf Coast Air Action Check out their event: www.facebook.com/events/656556291088786/

“The Shut It Down campaign, orchestrated by Surf Coast Air Action, is calling for the Alcoa Anglesea Coal Mine and Power Plant to shut down, now that it has no arguable purpose (with the closure of Point Henry smelter, which it powered) and has lost social license to continue operation, should Alcoa find a buyer. The Anglesea, Surf Coast and broader community are preparing for a march on 10 August, to make their voices heard…”

» @SCAA3230 #ShutItDown shut-it-down.org

» RSVP by clicking here: www.getup.org.au/anglesea-rally

GetUp wrote:

“The time has come to show the depth of opposition to the sale of the Anglesea coal mine and power station. This Sunday, Surf Coast Air Action will hold the biggest public protest seen on the Surf Coast in years!

If Alcoa and the Napthine Government have their way Anglesea will be condemned to another 50 years of unacceptable pollution levels, dramatically affecting our health and the tourism industry. The Anglesea mine and power station are old, dirty and currently for sale. Join our rally to show your support for a coal free future!

Please come and show our Government that our future lies in clean, renewable energy NOT in 19th Century technology.

Where: Anglesea Skate Park (opposite shopping centre on Great Ocean Rd.)
When: 11am, Sunday 10 August 2014
Will it be cold?: Guaranteed (so rug up)
Will it be wet?: Most likely (bring a colourful umbrella)
What should I wear?: Lots of colour – this is a celebration of PEOPLE POWER.
Anything else?: Bring something to make a lot of noise with (whistles/drums/pots and spoons!)

» RSVP by clicking here: www.getup.org.au/anglesea-rally

Thanks for your support so far and see you on Sunday!”

Friends of the Earth wrote:

Stand with the people of Anglesea against more coal

“Stand with Anglesea residents as they unite to reclaim their town from coal and to prevent:

– Significant expansion of the existing coal mine into Anglesea Heath
– Air pollution affecting our most vulnerable citizens
– Coal export out of Anglesea through Geelong
– Loss of tourism revenue and local jobs
– Declining real estate values

If you are concerned about any (or all) of the above, please attend the SHUT IT DOWN rally and have your voice heard. This is a Family Friendly event.

SUNDAY 10 AUGUST at 11am at Anglesea Skate Park opposite the shops towards the river.

Organised by Surf Coast Air Action.

Friends of the Earth is proud to be supporting this event.”