Clean Air Submissions due on 17 April 2015

There is a very important opportunity for you to contribute toward clean air in Anglesea.

The Department of Environment has released a discussion paper,

“Working towards a National Clean Air Agreement”. This is good news for Anglesea as improved air quality standards for both SOand Particulates are firmly on the table.

The Department has invited public submissions and the more they receive, the better.

More information can be found at;

Please take the time to write a submission. Short and sweet is fine!

Below are a few dot points that might provide you with some useful guidelines.

Please note:

1.     Submissions are due by April 17th (THAT’S THIS FRIDAY!)

2.      You must download a cover sheet, fill it in and then scan and send with your submission (details below). 

This is an opportunity to contribute toward our campaign and have your voice heard.  

Many thanks!


The problem

Existing Australian air pollution standards, monitoring, reporting and enforcement are all inadequate. This results in:

·       Human health being damaged, with over 3,000 Australians dying from air pollution annually

·       Circular buck passing between state and federal governments and regulators

·       A lack of accountability and transparency

·       Polluters being able to pollute vulnerable communities at dangerous levels

Anglesea specifically

In the specific case of the Anglesea coal mine and plant:

·       Dangerous amounts of the respiratory irritant SO2 (43,000,000 kg in 2013-2014) and carcinogenic particulates are being emitted close to homes and the primary school

·       The Anglesea operator/polluter:

o   Told the Anglesea community in 2003 that it would reduce SO2 emissions by 60% by 2010. However by 2013-2014 the Anglesea SO2 emissions were over double the volume that the community was told would be achieved by 2010

o   Controls pollution monitoring and reporting and access to the pollution data, which is a clear conflict of interest

o   Refuses to make real time pollution data available to the Anglesea community so that community members can take action to protect themselves and their families from dangerous levels of pollution

What is needed

·       National air pollution laws with teeth that end the culture of buck passing

·       Immediate implementation of best practice:

o   Air pollution standards that are genuinely protective of human health, particularly for  SO2  and particulates

o   Pollution mitigation technology including SO2 scrubbers for major point sources of air pollution such as the Anglesea coal plant

·       Mandatory arms length independent monitoring and real time reporting that is publicly available

·       Prohibitions on polluters

o   Claiming that meeting maximum limits and pollution licence conditions means that their operations are “safe”

o   Currying favour in the communities that they are polluting by the use of grants and sponsorship

·       Decisive enforcement of breaches by an independent regulator


Submission cover sheet

Written submissions can be made to the Department and must be accompanied by a completed cover sheet which outlines privacy and confidentiality requirements. Only submissions with a completed cover sheet will be considered.

•    Submission cover sheet (DOCX – 104.73 KB) | (PDF – 502.51 KB)

Submissions close on 17 April 2015.

Completed submissions, and accompanying cover sheets, are to be provided in writing to:



National Clean Air Agreement

c/o Department of the Environment

GPO Box 787

Canberra ACT 2601